Toyota Good for Cricket Raffle 2017/18

The Toyota Good for Cricket Raffle is happening again this year. Tickets will be available at various locations to pick up, or you can buy tickets from Captains, Coaches, committee members. Buy a whole book or sell them to people you know. All funds sold from the tickets go back into the club and you get a chance to win a Car or two! Stay tuned for more information.

ICC Sharks 2016-2017 Senior Trophy Winners

C Grade (Section 7)

Batting – Neil Johns (582 runs, HS 97* vs Warradale)
Bowling – Gary Wybrew (26 Wickets, Best Bowling 4/29 vs Kenilworth)
Fielding – Rory Simpson (8 Votes)

B Grade (Section 4)

Batting – Andrew Langton (359 Runs, HS 63 vs Woodcroft)
Bowling – Graham Lounder (39 Wickets, Best Bowling 5/23 vs Port Noarlunga)
Fielding – Luke Foran (6 Votes)

A Grade (Section 2)

Batting – Nayland Jolly (304 Runs, HS 60 vs Mitchell Park)
Bowling – Rick Foster (24 Wickets, Best Bowing 7/48 vs Mitchell Park)
Fielding – Trent Riddle (5 Votes)

Club Wicket Keeper – Jason Hall (62 Votes)

100 Games – Neil Hodson
100 Games – Damien Paine
100 Games – Shane Collett

150 Games – Brenton Forsyth
150 Games – Gary Wybrew
150 Games – David Sampson

250 Games – Neil Johns

6000 Runs – Neil Johns
6000 Runs – Harry Richards

Senior Cricketer of the Year
Graham Lounder – 1118.60 Points

Club Person of the year – Brenton Forsythe

Life Membership
Michael Todd & Jason Carne

ICC Sharks Team of the Year 2016/17
Andrew Langton, Peter Richards, Neil Johns, Nayland Jolly, Chris Buttfield, Michael Miller, Jason Seymour, Graham Lounder, Adam Broadbent, Gary Wybrew, Rick Foster.

Association Trophy Winners
Section 4 Bowling –
Graham Lounder
Section 7 Batting –
Neil Johns
Section 7 Wicketkeeping –
Jason Hall

ICC Sharks 2016-17 Junior Trophy Winners

Under 10’s

Batting – Ryan Matthews (148 Runs, High Score – 46 Not out)
Bowling – Ryan Matthews (11 Wickets)
Coaches Award – Mitchell Rowe
Most Improved – Brodie Patterson

Under 14’s

Batting – Caleb Baldwin (210 runs, High Score – 42 Not out)
Bowling – Evan Salter (10 Wickets)
Coaches Award – Liam Campbell
Most Improved – Hayden Newman

Hatrick – Lachlan Smart

Under 16’s

Batting – Josh Spall (432 runs, High Score – 153 Not out)
Bowling – Tyson Hein, Tyson Miller, Jordan Steer (8 wickets)
Coaches Award – Patrick Hall
Most Improved – Brodie Peterson

Sam Davis Trophy
ICC Sharks Junior Cricketer of the Year

Josh Spall- 865.5 Points

432 Runs (avg 61.75, HS 153*), 2 Wickets, 3 catches (wk), 4 stumping

Under 16’s – 2016/17 SCJCA Premiers!

Sit down with ACA

Late in December 2015, Rick Foster sat down with the Australian Cricketers Association, and had a quick chat about his leg-spin bowling, the club, and what it was like bowling to some of the best batsman in world cricket today. Check out the YouTube video below.

Rick Fosters Aussie Nets Bowling Experience

For those club members who have been around training over the past may have spotted a familiar face within the Australian Cricket Team ranks. Back in October former South Australian Redbacks Leg Spin bowler, Peter McIntyre, joined the ICC Sharks for a one on one training session with ICC Sharks A Grade leg spinner, Rick Foster.
Rick has slowly seen a rise through the grades of the ICC Sharks with his sharp leg spin bowling, from section six, up to now our now section 2/A grade side.
Ricks one on one session with Peter allowed him to learn some tricks of the trade, and great tips. Rick continued to improve on his already great leg spin bowling, as well as gain ideas from Peter on bowling a wrong-un and other variations of deliveries.

This progressed a little further, with Rick getting to live out a dream of bowling to the Australian Test Team, during their visit to the Adelaide Oval for the Day Night Test Match. Along with a news clip of Rick on Channel 7 during the week leading up, we were also there to get some photos and video of Rick bowling to some Australian greats like Steve Smith and David Warner, as well as rub shoulders with Offspinner Nathan Lyon, and Adelaide local and head coach, Darren Lehmann.

Rick has also agreed to assist with some of the All Abilities Cricket Programmes to grow cricket in the community.

Hats off to you Rick, we hope you enjoyed the ride.


2015-16 ICC Sharks Senior Trophy Winners

C Grade (Section 6)

Batting – Neil Hodgson (386 runs, HS 92* vs Morphettville Park)
Bowling – Gary Wybrew (26 Wickets, Best Bowling 6/16 off 15 overs vs Warradale)
Fielding – David Dryden (9 Votes)

B Grade (Section 4)

Batting – Chris Buttfield (271 Runs, HS 72 vs Warradale)
Bowling – Chris Buttfield (21 Wickets, Best Bowling 4/28 off 14 overs vs Sheidow Park)
Fielding – Andrew Langton (7 Votes)

A Grade (Section 2)

Batting – David Sampson (491 Runs, HS 110 vs North Haven)
Bowling – Matthew Tonkes (38 Wickets, Best Bowing 5/38 off 19 Overs vs North Haven)
Fielding – Rick Foster (9 Votes)

Club Wicket Keeper – David Sampson (50 Votes)

100 Games – Russell Trembath
100 Games – Luke Foran
200 Games – Jason Carne
300 Wickets – Gary Wybrew

Senior Cricketer of the Year
David Sampson – 1141.5 points

Club Person of the year – Alex Mathewson & Ken Aberle

2015-16 ASCA Section 2 Premiers
2015-16 ASCA Section 4 Premiers
2015-16 ASCA Section 6 Runner-up

Association Trophy Winners
Wicket Keeping – David Sampson
Bowling – Gary Wybrew
Fielding – David Dryden

ICC Sharks 2015-16 Junior Trophy Winners

Under 10’s

Batting – Mitchell Hein (106 Runs, High Score – 21 Not out)
Bowling – Blake Hall/Liam Campbell (6 Wickets)
Coaches Award – Jacob Dibell
Most Improved – Michael Thorpe

Under 14’s

Batting – Caleb Baldwin (110 runs, High Score – 41 Not out)
Bowling – Jaxon Newman (9 Wickets, avg 4.89. Best Bowling 2/0)
Coaches Award – William More
Most Improved – Jesse Meekins

Under 16’s

Batting – Josh Spall (361 runs, High Score – 53 Not out)
Bowling – Harry Ruth ( 22 wickets, avg 5.82. Best Bowling, 5/13)
Coaches Award – Darcy Ruth
Most Improved – Kyle Salter

Sam Davis Trophy
ICC Sharks Junior Cricketer of the Year

Ryan Grimmond – 835 Points

249 Runs, 15 Wickets, 7 catches, 1 stumping, 1 run out.


Under 16’s – 2015/16 SCJCA Premiers!

Section 2 Premiers 2015-16

The A grade have taken out the Section 2 Premiership for 2015-16! Hard work pays off, congratulations Sharks!

A Grade faced off with Belair, Belair batted first and were at one stage 7/34 and in trouble, a late stand from D Jenner to put Belair to a score of 9/132 off their 60 overs. A. Broadbent 2/22, G Pinder 2/26, J. Mayne 1/12, A. Lock 2/29. Day 2 resume with the Sharks in the chase, the Sharks didn’t make it look easy, but a late stand from Angus Lock and Adam Broadbent help the Sharks within the total. J. Carne 29, M. Tonkes 22, A. Lock 16*, A. Broadbent 25.

a grade

Section 4 Premiers 2015-16

ICC Sharks have taken out the Section 4 premiership for 2015-16. Congratulations lads!

B grade played against Warradale at Marymount Oval. Warradale posted a score of 10/108 off 41.5 overs. ICC Sharks chased this score down on day 2 in 49.4 overs with a loss of 5 wickets. S. Collett 22, A Sampson 29, A Langton 25. C Buttfield 3/37, L Foran 2/13, M Noack 3/35, G Lounder 2/19.

b grade