AGM 2015

Facilitator: Jason Carne
Secretary: Alex Mathewson
Attendees: Jason Carne, Alex Mathewson, Robert Fradd, Michael Todd, Peter Richards, David Sampson, Ken Aberle, Michael Noack, Andrew Langton, Russell Trembath, Richard Gray, Scott Baldwin, Neil Johns, Damien Paine, Brenton Forsyth
Apologies: Michael Miller, Neil Hodgson, Kris Robertson

Business arising from the previous AGM

Minutes from Previous AGM – Moved by Jason, passed by Bobby

 Presidents Report

 Secretary’s Report

 Treasurer’s Report

Currently $6,694.71 in the bank.
21 players still un-financial from previous seasons.

Expenses still to come:

  • Hackham and Wirreanda fees
  • Association Affiliation fees
  • Shirts
  • Balls
  • Coach

Election of Office Bearers

Nominations for Executive Committe:


Positions nominated:

President – Mick Miller
Vice-president – Neil Hodgson
Secretary – Alex Mathewson
Treasurer – Harry Richards
Assistant Secretary – Jason Carne
Assistant Treasurer – Bob Fradd

Executive committee voted in unanimously.


Nominations for General/Social Committee: Russell Trembath, Richard Gray, Neil Johns, Michael Todd, Damien Paine
Player Representative: Damien Paine

Nominations received for Captains:

Junior Coaches – Damien Paine (U16), Scott Baldwin (U14), Cameron Bullard (U10)
Captains Nominations open until 4pm, 18th September.
Junior Co-ordinator – Leanne Hein (Scott Baldwin named Assistant)

General Business
Club Subscriptions for 2015/16 Season
Subs to stay the same as previous year, competition to run for those who pay subs in full before Xmas. To be announced on Facebook, new pads, gloves, equipment etc given from Kookaburra.

Fee Structure still the same $70 at the start, $10 per game there after.
$20 discount still to apply for those who pay before the 22nd of December.

Junior Fees still the same

3 sides in senior competition, sections 2,4 & 6.

M.V.C.C may be using the Wirreanda Oval at some stage as their oval is taken for first 3 months of competition. ASCA have been notified and to work out available dates?
A & B Grade to play at Hackam, C grade at Wirreanda

Ken to continue with BBQ’s outside of the ICA, Saturday mornings.

Training to continue Sunday and Wednesdays, will switch to Wednesdays at WHS after daylight savings has come into effect.

Shirts to replenish stock for demands for growing juniors should be in by the end of September, also senior stock as well for those that want new ones.

New Business

Presentations to be at Hackham after each game as not to clash with the flow of people at Inflatable World. Membership at Hackham Football club to be paid by the player, 12 months for $30 to get members prices.

U16/14 – To use Hackham oval
U12/10 – To use Wirreanda

Neil/Alex/Bobby all submitted grants via Commonwealth Bank, no luck however on the grants.

Committee to look into using a points system for Cricketer of the Year, suggested by David Sampson. Points for training, playing etc. Juniors to look into doing this as well.

Scott Baldwin discussed U14’s picking a captain rather than one per week, as they are at the age where they can start go play cricket at that level and take on responsibility.

Bunnings BBQ’s to be followed up by Alex, already spoken with Bunnings, Alex needs to send in a form on Sharks letterhead and then be in line for a date to do so.

Alex to chase up previous sponsors, or those helping out and put logos/contact details on the website in good faith.
Alex to draw up guidelines for captains to give to players for expectations for fees/playing, also chase up details on requirements for those who are life members and also update full life members list (Matty Verrall has details on this)

Scott asked about presentations for Juniors/bbqs etc. Committee to look into

After match presentations, game cup may only go to those who do turn up and were also best on day, and also have paid their subs to be eligible for it.

Meeting closed 5.45pm